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Frequently Asked questions

  • What flavors of Dark Fantasy are available in India?
    Dark Fantasy is available in indulgent range of cookies and cakes. In cookies there are five variants - Choco Fills, Choco Fills Luxuria, Choco Crème, Vanilla Crème, Coffee Fills and Choco Meltz, one for every palate. In cakes, there is Dark Fantasy Yumfills Cakes.
  • Are Dark Fantasy Products vegetarian?
    We make sure our Dark Fantasy biscuits/cookies are 100% vegetarian as we wish to cater to the widest range of consumers. However, the Dark Fantasy Yumfills cakes are available in both veg and egg variants in select states.
  • Do Dark Fantasy products contain animal fat?
    Dark Fantasy biscuits and cakes do not contain animal fat.
  • In how many ways can I have my Dark Fantasy?
    Dark Fantasy is more than just a pack of delicious cookies and cakes. It has the magic to turn anyone into a fine dessert chef. From something as simple as a Choco Fills cookie micro-waved and served with a scoop of ice cream or blending it in a thick shake to more mouth-watering dessert recipes, the possibilities are endless.
  • If I have complaints / feedbacks on Dark Fantasy who can I get in touch with?
    Our products go through multiple levels of quality checks to match the desired perfection. But still, if you ever come across a faulty product or any other issues, please feel free to Contact us

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