Frequently Asked Questions


Dark Fantasy is available in indulgent range of cookies and cakes. In cookies there are many variants like- Choco Fills, Vanilla Fills, Coffee Fills, Choco Nut Fills, Choco Big Fills, Choco Chunks, Choco Nut Dipped, Choco Crème, Vanilla Crème, Bourbon etc. In cakes, there is Dark Fantasy Yumfills Cakes and in shakes, there is Dark Fantasy Chocolate Shake. Well, this makes one for every palate :)

We make sure our Dark Fantasy biscuits/cookies are 100% vegetarian as we wish to cater to the widest range of consumers. However, only Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts- Choco Chunks variant contains egg.

Our products go through multiple levels of quality checks to match the desired perfection. But still, if you ever come across a faulty product or any other issues, you can approach us in following ways:

You can write to:

    at P.O. box no.592, bangalore-5600052

  2. Email us at itccares@itc.in

  3. Call us on any working day between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm on our toll free no. 1800425444444

We want our customers to have a great service and product experience. And that’s why we guarantee the quality or you will get your money back.